My Precious

I love my daughter unconditionally. She is only five and sometimes she can be frustrating and annoying and stubborn and, well, you probably get the picture. Still, she’s 100% awesome all the time.

My thoughts on Banned Books Week (circa 2009)

Here is an essay I wrote for a college composition class in 2009.  I still feel this way. ============================= They are part of America: Why library censorship should be prevented. By Daniel Max, 03/19/2009 Whether it is reading about history, checking out a classic by Mark Twain, or doing research for a school assignment, the…

One-word inspiration: Treasure (Writing 101 assignment)

For the third Writing 101 assignment I’m supposed to take a word from a list of words and write about it.  The words in the list were: TREASURE, REGRET, HOME, LOVE, UNCERTAINTY, and SECRET.  I chose treasure.  The reason I chose that word was because I felt the way I thought of that word may…

This I believe: On Becoming a Dad

I wrote this several years ago for a college English class.  It ended up being posted on the website This I Believe. On Becoming a Dad Becoming a parent changes everything. Or so I was told. I knew things were going to be different when I was told I was going to be a dad….

Nice news about Frozen 2

So, yeah, this is happening.  nICE pillow “Anna” ;) Dreams really do come 2!!! #FROZEN2 #itsofficial — Kristen Bell (@IMKristenBell) March 12, 2015  

Colors of Coronation

Yes, I realize what I am about to say will upset a lot of people but I also hope it makes some people think. After reading multiple posts, articles & comments bashing Disney’s Frozen for, well, “lack of color” I figured I should point out that this is not really the case. While I agree…

Why (not) me?

So, just as many other people have asked, I have sometimes wondered “why me?” when something happens to me.  The other day I got to thinking “why not me?”  Why am I not in need or in danger like so many people? Why am I not something else or somewhere else in the world?

Love Story

Before my daughter was born in 2010 I had all sorts of ideas of what I would and would not do as a dad. One of the things I had mentioned to many people is that I didn’t want her to do the whole princess thing. So why do I now think that the anti-princess idea is stupid?