Trump and the Flint Water Crisis

So recently someone asked me what Trump has to do with the Flint water crisis since he wasn’t president at the time it happened so he obviously couldn’t have anything to do with it.

Here is my answer:

The Trump budget eliminates almost all funding for the EPA which includes any funding for clean up and recovery of the Flint area and other communities which have similar problems. Also, the man put in charge of the EPA has said for years that he’d like to see the EPA dismantled.
The Trump budget eliminates all funding (which for decades has been supported by both parties including Republican presidents)for several projects aimed and cleaning, and keeping clean, the Great Lakes and related waterways (such as the Saginaw and Flint rivers).
The Trump budget, and the incompetent Sec. of Education, eliminates funding for special needs education which is needed for the thousands of children who have brain damage from the lead poisoning.
The Trump budget, and the GOP’s efforts to slash coverage for millions of people, will leave most of the families most impacted by the Flint water crisis without adequate health coverage to pay for all the medical problems that the poisoning caused.poisoning
Also, it was a Republican governor and a Republican-controlled state government that came up with the Emergency Management laws that overturned elections as well as a ballot proposal that was specifically meant to get rid of the Emergency Manager laws but then they tweaked the law a little and reinstated it that allowed the problem to occur in the first place.
It was also republican controlled state and federal elected officials that did nothing and voted against special funding for Flint.
Even if the current government didn’t cause the problem they are not doing anything to help and are making it harder for those that were harmed to get help and making it harder for the communities impacted to get the help they need. Flint is not an isolated case as there are dozens, if not hundreds, of other communities that also have lead poisoning as bad, and in some cases worse, as Flint.

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