[Repost] Fat People and Our Knees

Dances With Fat

Ragen Chastain - fat dancer, no fat suit needed.  Photo by Richard Sabel Photo by Richard Sabel

There’s a thing that happens to me a lot. It’s happening even more now that I’m training for an IRONMAN. Perfect strangers, upon seeing or hearing that I’m a fathlete, will ask me “how are your knees?”, often wincing like it pains them to even think about it.  When I say that my knees are fine, people suddenly become psychic.  “It will catch up to you,”  they tell me. They ask my age and then add five or ten years. My knees were going to go when I was 25, 30, 35, now it’s 40. (Again I ask: If they can tell the future would it kill them to give me some lottery numbers with their bullshit judgments?)

Let’s get a couple of things cleared up before we get into this.  First of all it’s possible that I’ll have trouble with my knees someday, many people –…

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