And So Goes

[Why yes, that was sarcasm]

One of the big problems with dealing chronic depression is that if it lasts long enough it’s hard to tell if I’m still depressed or not. One of the typical signs of depression is loss of interest in things. The fact that I haven’t shown much interest in writing in my blog in a very long time should have been a sign that I was dealing with depression but it wasn’t.

So, here I am, writing another pos about why I’m not writing posts and again it comes down to the whole depression thing. I mean if I can binge watch two or three whole anime series on Funimation a week I should be able to put a couple hours into blogging. Writing takes effort, watching anime doesn’t.

I think things are getting better but if I’m honest with myself, most days I feel like crap 💩. I guess we’ll see how things go from now on. Stay tuned…


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