My Precious

I love my daughter unconditionally. She is only five and sometimes she can be frustrating and annoying and stubborn and, well, you probably get the picture. Still, she’s 100% awesome all the time.


Does she do things that drive me crazy? Of course. Have I been angry with her? Yes. Does that change anything as far as what she means to me? No. Does she know this as much as her amazing four-year-old mind can allow? Absolutely. I know that she knows based on what I’ve seen and heard as well as things others in her life have told me.

Newborn Gracie.

When I see her smile, I smile. When I see her cry, I cry. When I watch her sleep I do both. I remember the first time I saw her, I didn’t know what to think or feel or how to react. Looking at the pictures taken of me at that moment I think all that was in some part of my brain that was not connected to anything else. What I did know is that there is no person as important to me than the little bundle with the puffy face I was gazing at. One thing I got correct right from the start is that I would feel more for her the next day than I did that day and that would keep on going and growing.

My little Gracie Grace (that’s what she calls her self and she came up with it all by herself) is smart. Very smart. I get told that all the time by people who barely knew her. One time when she was about 18 months old we were in a restaurant and she was taking the little crayons out of the little box they came in and putting them back in the box.

Gracie at two years old.

She was doing this over and over for several minutes when this old couple sitting in a booth across from us remarked on how amazing that was and asked how old she was. When I told them their jaws dropped. She’s been able to say complete phrases, often with pretty good sentence structure, since around that same time as well. Every time I would read some developmental milestone thing I would be confused since what they were saying would often be something she had been doing for months. Counting, colors, shapes. Even pronouns were being used correctly except for the short amount of time when she only used male pronouns. It was pretty awesome to see people being shocked by a toddler who knows phonics and such. Now that she’s in preschool she is still, according to her teachers, ahead of the curve. One day she was trying to write “daddy” all on her own and guessed it was spelled “dedi” which is actually sort of the way she says it sometimes. Also, she has known the correct order of colors in a rainbow for over a year which is something I didn’t know until I was much older than she is now.

Yes, I know that while she is amazing (no, that wasn’t a pun) I know that she is not flawless. However to me, and anyone who loves her, she is perfect.

And yes I am VERY Biased. :)


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