Lemons (Writing 101)

seal_v2-03The 5th Writing 101 assignment was titled “Let social media inspire you” so I went looking for something inspiring and ended up realizing I left out something from my previous post “Why I Write

One of the best reasons for me to blog is that there may be others that can benefit from my experiences or maybe realize that they are not the only ones that feel or think the way that they do.  I know that is one of the reasons I read blogs so I don’t know why I didn’t say that it was one of the reasons why I want to write blog posts.  Maybe I won’t end up changing anything or anybody or maybe I won’t help anyone but myself by writing what I do but If i do then that is an amazing thing to make that kind of connection.

I know from experience that just a few simple words can change someone’s life.  One time, shortly after my first stay in a psych hospital as a teen, I got a call from someone who was in there at the same time. She said she was going to kill herself and all I said is “I’ll miss you.”  She then went on to explain that she had called many other people and all of them either yelled at her, judged her, or called her names.  I was the only one to do none of those.  She said that if I had acted like those other people that she probably really would have ended her life.  I never heard from her again after that day but I do know that in that moment my words made a difference in someone’s life.

My words may never help anyone, but if they can why stay silent?


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