One-word inspiration: Treasure (Writing 101 assignment)

seal_v2-03For the third Writing 101 assignment I’m supposed to take a word from a list of words and write about it.  The words in the list were: TREASURE, REGRET, HOME, LOVE, UNCERTAINTY, and SECRET.  I chose treasure.  The reason I chose that word was because I felt the way I thought of that word may be different than others.  Of course it may be predictable by now for people who have read most of my other blog posts what I would write about: my daughter Grace.

To me the meaning of the word treasure is something that holds more personal value than everything (or almost everything) else that has ever existed.  So by this definition my daughter is obviously the most important thing to me.  But it’s not just my daughter that is a treasure but the time I have with her that is a treasure.  She lives with her mom and I have her with me for a few days each week.  While I may not always spend every moment with her while she is here (I have to do other stuff like make food and go to the bathroom) the moments I do spend with her are the most important moments ever.  The thing is while I treasure my time with her the amount that I treasure it has grown over the almost 5 years she has been alive.

I often think that maybe I should have treasured the moments with her when she was younger.  Even more so the moments I held her as she fell asleep.  Sometimes I would hope she’d fall asleep so I could go do stuff I couldn’t do when she was awake.  Now I feel that was stupid.  Still, I know that even though I think of myself back when she was a baby as being clueless (which I was)  I do realize that I was doing the best I knew how so I don’t get too hard on myself. These days I usually go to sleep when she does so that is no longer a problem.

Starting on Friday, September 11th (which was a few days ago) Grace will be here for two weeks.  Hopefully we don’t drive each other crazy.  The longest she has been here before now is four days.  I’m not sure how this will go but I know that when it is over I will miss her even more than I did before when she wasn’t around.  I also know that she already does miss me when I’m not with her so I’m not sure how going home after this long time will effect her.

In case you’re wondering why I’m writing this instead of spending time with her I thought I’d just let you know that I actually wrote this before she came over and just scheduled it to post several days after I wrote it.





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