Things I Like (Writing 101 assignment)

Ok so the second assignment for writing 101 I’m supposed to make a list and one of the suggestions is a list of things I like.  I wasn’t really crazy about this idea at first because I thought it was to simplistic and cheesy but then I realized that for me it is actually a lot harder than I originally thought.

Being bipolar and currently going through a depressive state thinking positive is not always an easy thing so forcing me to do so can actually help (actually I think it’s a main part of the DBT form of therapy).  So here is the list:

A List of things I like (in no particular order except #1):

  1.  My daughter Grace 20141101_150559
  2. The Deus Ex game series
  3. Pizza
  4. My mom
  5. Sleep
  6. Writing
  7. Playing with my daughter
  8. Elsa from Frozen
  9. Really good coffee
  10. Kinda good coffee
  11. chocolate
  12. Reading to my daughter
  13. Kati Morton‘s YouTube videos
  14. Fall weather
  15. Fall leaves
  16. minty toothpaste
  17. sunflowers
  18. Bon Jovi‘s music
  19.  Katy Perry‘s music (most of it anyways)
  20. My sister
  21. John Pavlovitz‘s blog
  22. Wil Wheaton‘s twitter feed
  23. The Star Trek series (excluding Enterprise)
  24. Star Trek Online
  25. STAR WARS: The Old Republic MMO
  26. Skyrim
  27. The Arrow TV Series
  28. The Flash TV series
  29. Bleach anime
  30. Sword Art Online anime
  31. Netflix
  32. Hulu
  33. Amazon
  34. Amazon Instant Video
  35. air that doesn’t stink




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