Don’t let it Sno

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Gimme.”



When I was a little kid I kept seeing these commercials for this toy called a Snoopy Snow Cone Maker.  It was snoopy and it made yummy things so I wanted it.  You put it together, drop and ice-cube in and turn the crank.  It doesn’t take a genius to do something that is that simple. After all, the kids in the commercial made it look easy.  However, I soon found out that the reality was much different from the commercial which is not a concept most kids, as well as far too many adults, seem to easily grasp .

For years I asked for it but my parents always said no.  I figured that parents say no to a lot of things for no apparent reason and figured this was one of those things. Then, one day when I was twelve, I was walking through the toy section of a store and saw sitting all by itself one box. It was the snow cone maker! I had the money so I was going to get it. My mom kept saying “Are you sure?” and again I figured she was just being a parent so I ignored her and bought it anyways.  

I put it together, dropped the ice in, pushed down on the snoopy thing and turned the crank.  At least I tried to. I pushed and turned and pushed and turned and all I got after who knows how long is about a spoon full of ice shavings and a whole lot of sore body parts. Oh, and if you’re wondering, I’m pretty sure one of my parents said something along the line of “I told you so.”  That’s probably when I realized that sometimes when parents say no to a toy that there really is a good reason.

Pay attention Gracie (my daughter) because the Olaf ice maker is the same thing so if you ask to get it the answer will be NO.



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