[REPOST] Why Do Colours Fade in Sunlight (For Non-Science-y Folks)

SO that’s what happens!

Occupations of Uninhabited Space


This post is a result of one of those moments when a question suddenly pops in your mind out of nowhere. Have you ever wondered about this calamity? Perhaps when a favourite bright red t-shirt becomes a dreary remnant of its vibrant past? Well, maybe you should dry it inside out.

Anybody who has studied science in high school will be able to answer this question reasonably well. But if you haven’t, continue reading.

To answer this question is not a very simple task, and neither is it rocket science. I’m going to be very colloquial, because I’m trying to explain a simple phenomenon to a person with minimum scientific inclinations. And I’ll refrain from using scientific terminology as much as I can.

First of all, what is colour? Why do you call something purple and some other thing blue? Let’s tackle this first. The white light from the sun…

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