[REPOST] Is Nana Really Burning In Hell Right Now?

john pavlovitz


Today we remember Nana.

Nana was a sweet lady.

She adored her grandkids, loved hosting big family gatherings on Sunday afternoons, and always looked forward to her Tuesday mornings preparing breakfast for the residents at the Rescue Mission. She was a devoted wife of 48 years, a cherished friend, and a kind presence in the world. She leaves a heartily laugh, a gentle disposition, and a wonderful, tender legacy to those she’s left behind.

And according to many Christians, Nana is also suffering in eternal, fiery torment right now.

You see, Nana wasn’t “saved”—and so Nana is in Hell.

Oh sure, she lived a life fully marked by love and forgiveness and mercy, and even though everyone who brushed up against her came away with the sweet, unmistakable perfume of goodness, she never prayed the Sinner’s Prayer and well, that pretty much voids out all of that other good stuff, or so the orthodox Christian thinking goes.

Throughout her life…

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