[REPOST] Murder With A Smiley Face: Why Prayer Is A Really Lousy Middle Finger

john pavlovitz

Let’s say that I’m looking to get away with murder…

If I have a cute, fuzzy, smiley face pillow, and in a reckless fit of rage, use it to suffocate someone, killing them in cold blood; does it still count as a crime?I’d surely imagine so.

Do I get a pass because the weapon of choice is an otherwise beneficial, sweet, rather life-affirming object? I’d expect not.

If my hateful violation of another is covered in gooey sweetness, is it any less heinous, any less destructive? Of course it isn’t.

And yet every single day, thousands of professed Christians do just that; commit murder with a smile—on blog comments, message boards, and social media profiles, and feel perfectly fine doing it, too.

Sadly, It’s so very common in the circles church folk travel in:

They’ll be in a fierce, fiery word war with a complete stranger, whose opinion, theology, lifestyle, or worldview differs from their own. The insults, and…

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