[Repost] Church, Here’s Why People Are Leaving You. Part 3

john pavlovitz


Sometimes when adversity comes, we lie to other people, and sometimes when it comes, we lie to ourselves.

This past month, I published these twoposts, to try to share the hurting hearts of people who are leaving, have left, or want to leave the institution of the American Church, with those who lead or attend local expressions of it. It was an effort to, in some small way, let those on the outside, be clearly heard by those within.

The hope, was to give a voice to people who felt they had none; to clear a place at the table for those who had been excluded, or overlooked, or damaged enough in local churches, that returning didn’t seem like an option anymore. Some are departing angrily, some willingly, and all; reluctantly.

These are people who wanted to be part of the solution. They wanted to participate. They wanted to live and work alongside you…

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