Why (not) me?

So, just as many other people have asked, I have sometimes wondered “why me?” when something happens to me.  The other day I got to thinking “why not me?”  Why am I not in need or in danger like so many people? Why am I not something else or somewhere else in the world?

I am a white American male and each of those words give me advantages that I would not have if I was something else. If my skin was a different color I would most likely experience a lot more discrimination than I do.  If I was from a many other countries I wouldn’t have as many freedoms as I do or I wouldn’t have easy access to free public education, clean water and food.  If I was a woman I would also have to face more discrimination and would more be more likely to be the victim of violence.

I have a beautiful three year old girl who wasn’t born with any noticeable disabilities.  She is smart, healthy and well cared for by a lot of people.  She has a lot of toys and dozens of books. She has plenty of clothes, can eat when she needs to and has a safe place to live.

I’m bipolar but I have insurance and can get the help I need to make it easier to live with.  I have a home and family who love me and that I can trust.  I have friends who also care about me and that I can turn to when I need help.

There are thousands of things I take for granted every day.  I can read and write.  I have my own computer and access to the internet.  I have the ability to say whatever I want to on my blog with no fear of ending up being imprisoned or worse.  I’m eating chili that has been sitting in the crock pot for over a week and has more nutrition in it than billions of people get in a month or even a year.  It is 28 °F (-2 °C) outside but 68 °F (20 °C) inside.  If I get cold I can put on more clothes or turn up the heat.  I can go get filtered water out of the kitchen.  I can go make mac & cheese or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

I don’t have the answer but I think that I should try not to ask “why me?” when something goes wrong.  However, asking “why me?” when I realize all that has gone right in my life and all the things, material and otherwise, that I have in my life that so many people don’t. I’m not completely sure but my guess is a lot of those people ask “why not me?” because they don’t have what I often take for granted.


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